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Mark Parrett

The product curriculum

Recently I've worked with several companies who have been interested in a primer for new product managers or executives on the art and science of building good products. While I believe that individual coaching is a key piece of building a great product management skillset, having a decent foundation in the principles of product makes for much more productive conversations. Below I’ve put together my first pass at a curriculum for anyone who is interested in doing product, managing product managers or working in a product-driven company. Read More

Mark Parrett

How to interview a product manager

I have found myself interviewing several product managers lately and while we all default to the great Quora post, I usually get much more out of these interviews when I head in with some good questions to ask. Below is my list of four questions that I find to be revealing in any interview for a product role with a little color on why I ask each one. Read More

Mark Parrett

The premortem for software development

How to employ a technique often used for large, cross-functional projects to improve your software product development and fend off pet ideas that are destined to fail. Read More


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